Our Callie Dog Is Such A Talker!

The one thing you need to know about our Callie Dog is that she is probably the most vocal dog I’ve ever known. She talks to us about absolutely everything - from what her brothers just did to her to complaints about being ignored to letting us know that leaf blowing in the wind looks pretty suspicious.

While taking part in one of her favorite pastimes, burrowing under the covers, she always talks about something. I’m never sure if she’s telling me that she’s happy or that she wishes there were a few more layers of blankets to dig through. Sometimes she’s just a lump, hidden away, and sometimes she lets a leg or her nose stick out while remaining very vocal about the current situation.

Here is just a short clip of what her grumblings sound like.

And while she looks like the Emperor from Star Wars, she’s not hatching an evil plans under those blankets. She’s just letting us know how she feels about the current situation. Loudly. Incessantly. In high decibels. Frequently. And that’s why we love her! 


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