Sort-Of Spring On The Property

With all the warm, sunny days we’ve had lately, you’d think spring was here! There’s nothing prettier than the sunshine on the pond, and the puppies and I have actually been able to enjoy it out on the deck. In Iowa, in March. Craziness!

There is so much wildlife on the Carrell Wildlife Preserve these days. We have many, many does who travel around together. We’ve also seen raccoons, possums, rabbits, turkeys, the mounds of dirt kicked up by moles and a multitude of birds. Both ponds are thawed out now, and we know there are boatloads of fish in there.

In years past we’ve had a doe with a broken leg, but she didn’t let that stop here. She even raised three fawns one year, getting around on three legs with no problem. This year we have a member of our coyote pack with a broken leg. He moves so fast that I’ve not been able to get a good, clear picture of him, which tells us a lot about his strength and stability. As we get closer to the actual first day of spring, we’re looking forward to seeing what other creatures will call our property home.


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