Chocolate Covered Cherry Tarts

If you’re looking for an extra-yummy treat in a pint-sized package, you’ll want to try these tiny tarts. Created with a chocolate covered cherry theme, they combine some of your favorite flavors in one dessert - and what's better than that?

This tart can be made in a regular-sized graham cracker crust or in mini crusts like the ones pictured here. They are pre-made crusts in little pie tins, perfect for individual desserts.

On the bottom of the tart, I spread a heaping tablespoon of marshmallow fluff and sprinkled it with chocolate chips. Then I spooned in cherry pie filling up to the edge. Ok, it’s a little over the edge, but it’s totally worth it, right?

Then I topped it with more fluff and another sprinkling of chocolate chips. Just a note - marshmallow fluff does NOT hold its shape, so wait until the last minute before serving to add the toppings. In all, it only takes about five minutes to make all six tarts. Then you’re ready for eating and enjoying!

How much fun would it be to mix flavors of pie filling and toppings to make individual, personalized desserts? And it would be a great activity for your kids and teens to let them get all creative. What combinations would you make?


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