Spring Comes To The Carrell Wildlife Preserve

It was warm enough this weekend to venture out and around the property - and it was wonderful! I was completely over winter a month ago, and it’s been so wet and sloppy that going out on the trails wasn’t very appealing. So the sun broke through and we couldn’t get out there fast enough.

It was’t the best day for fishing because it was so windy, but that didn’t stop us from trying. Danny caught a couple of fish over on the levee, and I fought several tree branches. I wish I was joking...

The highlight was an up-close-and-personal encounter with the two geese who live by the big pond. They keep the dogs hopping by wandering around the yard and squawking at anything and everything they see and hear. This weekend was the first time we’d found their nesting spot, and that was pretty thrilling.

The male goose is incredibly protective over the female and their nest. He talked to us the whole time we were out and kept a close eye on us as we moved around the ponds. He is huge and absolutely gorgeous up close.

The female is so busy fluffing her nest. I was surprised that this location was so secure and unreachable from above. I think these are the same geese who have been coming back for the past few years, and they haven’t had babies for quite a while. We assume they’ve been eaten by predators, but we can’t be certain. I’m just praying that this year they have a safe space to start a little goose family. In the meantime, now we know where to watch from the house to see them preparing their nest.


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