When Puppies Take An Afternoon Nap

The puppies' safe place is in their crate. We leave the door open so they can come and go as they please, and they've been known to nap there briefly before coming back out.

Both little dogs love the heat that comes out of the floor vents all over the house. It doesn't matter if it's on the hard wood floors or on the carpet.

On very rare occasion, Molly will let the babies sleep near her. This isn't quite what she had in mind, though, and she is quick to let them know where her personal bubble is.

Diesel is happiest in Danny's chair, where he snores like a chainsaw.

And Callie naps best when she's touching somebody. Or draped over somebody. Or cuddling up with somebody. Or pinning somebody to the chair.

The best times, though, are when they're all snuggled together as a pack. It doesn't matter if it's not really comfortable. It's all about being in the same 2-square-foot space for a while to recharge their batteries.


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