Essential Oils For Calm Dogs

This is what our home looks like on any given day. A four-year-old Great Dane and two seven-month-old Great Dane puppies make for exciting times. The pitter patter of tiny puppy feet is great ... until they become huge, pounding noises as they tear through the house.

It was this herd of elephants that convinced us that the puppies need more calm in their lives. Since the words "puppy" and "calm" don't normally go together in our house, we did what works for us when we're frazzled and overwhelmed: we pulled out the essential oils.

We use Relax and Peaceful oil blends in our diffuser all the time. The best ones we've found, and the ones that affect the dogs the most, are combinations of lemongrass, geranium and lavender, and tangerine, orange, ylang ylang, patchouli and chamomile. We put three drops around their collars and then rub it on their ears, towels and chest.

These last two pictures were taken just minutes after an essential oil treatment. They go from speed demons to sleeping angels in such a short period of time. (Yes, Callie did eventually get so relaxed that she fell on her head - and went back to sleep where she landed.) If you want to experience some of the peace and quiet we're finding, try some essential oils and massage. The bonding time and sweet results are priceless.


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