Maintaining A Cedar-Lined Closet

One of the nicest surprises when we moved into our home six years ago was finding a cedar wall in our master closet. The benefits of using this wood in your home are scientifically proven in addition to being incredibly popular.

* Cedar deters bugs, especially the ones that would normally feast on your clothes. Cockroaches, silverfish, moths and several other kinds of insects are repelled by the strong smell of cedar, so they steer clear of that room.

* Cedar prevents mold and mildew. It removes the moisture from the air, acting as a natural dehumidifier around your clothes.

* Cedar has a pleasant aroma, keeping the closet smelling fresh.

* Cedar has a natural red color that adds to the beauty of your home.

* Cedar requires very little maintenance - just a little cleaning and sanding every so often.

When your cedar walls lose their smell and luster, you can go through these simple steps to return them to their previous condition.

1. Empty the closet completely. If it's too difficult to remove the shelves and hangers, leave them in place. Just remember to clean them thoroughly before putting your clothes back in.

2. Vacuum the floor.

3. Using your vacuum cleaner attachment, sweep all the cedar surfaces to rid them of dust and cobwebs.

4. Sand the walls lightly with medium-grit sandpaper, staying with the grain.

5. Use a dry towel or work rag to wipe the wood dust off the wall.

6. Use another rag to wipe off all the shelves and hangers. There will be quite a bit, and you don't want to track it everywhere.

7. Sweep the floor one more time before sorting and returning your clothes to the closet.


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