Eagles Take Flight

Wapello County is one of 86 counties in Iowa where bald eagles can be found. These beautiful birds are protected under the Endangered Species Act, so no one is to touch them, provoke them or move them, especially when they are on their nests.

Bald eagles are prevalent in the state during the winter months, particularly in places with flowing water so they can find fish. It's a joy for us to have ponds here on the property because we get to see them quite often. The ponds flow into the creek, so there is a constant source of food for them here.

Here are just a few neat facts about bald eagles:

* They live 20-30 years and mate for life.

* They fly south from Canada for the winter, arriving in Iowa in September. They grow in numbers until January.

* They roost close to their food source, returning to the same places year after year.

* Their nests are added to each year and can be as large as 7 feet wide and 10 feet deep.

* They cannot tolerate human contact of any kind while nesting with their eaglets.

If you see injured or dead eagles, contact the IDNR immediately. You can visit iowadnr.com/wildlife/ diversity/report_eagles.html for more information.


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