Beginning Our Sunday School Bible Timeline

The newest accent piece in our Sunday School room isn't furniture or even new paint. It's a long piece of newsprint running the entire length of the far wall. As we study our way through the books of the Bible, we need a way to help all of us remember the most important parts of each one. Adding our own pictures to the timeline is helping all of us be an active part of the lesson.

I've never seen kids so excited to draw on the wall.
Want to make your own Bible timeline? Break down each book into three or four main themes or parts. Talk about each one, showing the students from Scripture where each one happened and why it is important enough to include.

Then comes the fun part. Give each child crayons, colored pencils or markers and let them add their own illustrations to the story. (We're using markers, only because we'll be repainting the room in the next few months. Also, newsprint is a little thicker and doesn't bleed through quite as much. Keep this in mind when choosing your art medium!)

We're all excited to see what the final timeline will look like. We already have some great stories about the pictures that are up there now, and some have even been signed by the artist. It's such a special way for all of us to share our personalities as we learn more about Scripture and each other.


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