Twinkle Lights Brighten My Night

Most of our Christmas decorations are down now. Yes, it's a month past the holiday - don't judge me. All that remains are the outdoor decorations, and some of them are frozen into the ground. I should have pulled the stakes when it was 60 degrees last week. Oh well.

One thing won't becoming down, and that's our moving light show. Many people in town had them going on their houses during the holidays, but we did something a little different. We turned the machine away from the house and have it shining on two big trees in the driveway.

It's a magical display, and I love taking the puppies outside at night just to see it up close. You can see them from the dining room and kitchen windows, but there's something special about standing right underneath them.

And I can't help but think of John's comment: And the light shineth in darkness; John 1:5

A laser light show is breathtaking, but even more so is the light of Christ. This true Light lit up the world around Him, exposing it for all its faults. How blessed we are to have that Light abiding in us so we can be salt and light every day we step into the world.

I pray in the days to come that someone will see your light and want it for themselves. The darkness can be lit up for all the world to see if we choose to let our lights shine.


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