Picture Frame Wreaths

If you're like me, you have many more Christmas decorations than you have room on the tree. Don't pack them away or get rid of them - use them to create a one-of-a-kind wreath using a picture frame!

Any kind of ornaments and embellishments will work here. Mine is a combination of traditional balls and a couple of sparkly decorations from the dollar store. I used them to create Christmas denim pocket ornaments last year, but I had almost-full boxes of them left over. Apparently it was for just this opportunity.

Find some pretty ribbon to attach them to the frame. Mine here is wired and glittered. There's no better combination.

Ornaments can be attached simply by tying them on. I used large glue dots for the others and to attach the ribbon to the top of the frame.

You could also:

* tie the ribbon around the top of the frame and add a bow to each one.

* use a much larger frame to use more ornaments.

* spray paint the frame and use some fun finishing techniques.

* wrap the ribbon around the frame like garland.

When you make one of your own, post the pictures here so we can share your ideas.


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