DIY Christmas Tags Gift Bags

Use some those scraps you have leftover from making Christmas cards to make this Christmas tag gift bag. Yes, I know that rhymes. No, it was not intentional. No, I won't do it again.

Gather up card stock, decorator paper, ribbon, brads, tape, double stick tape, a paper cutter and a pair of scissors.

Start with two large card stock tags and a coordinating large piece of card stock.

Cut two side panels slightly shorter than the tags and however long you want your box to be. This is up to you - mine is approximately as wide as the tags. Then use the same card stock to cut a bottom panel. Tape them all in place.

Cut two scraps of decorator paper into tags slightly smaller than the card stock tags and attach them to the ends.

Cut a long strip of card stock for the handle.

Cut it to length and attach each end with two coordinating brads.

Now for the fun part - filling it! Cut out different sizes of tags and attach a variety of fibers. Fill your basket with them, and someone special will have all their Christmas tag needs taken care of for the year!


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