Upcycle Last Year's Christmas Cards

It's probably safe for me to say that you have a box full of old Christmas cards somewhere in your home. Instead of letting them take up valuable space, let's turn them into brand new cards that will send your Christmas greetings across the miles.

If it's difficult for you to part with something so special, take pictures of the front and insides of each card first or scan them directly into your computer. You'll still have the beautiful images and a copy of your loved ones' handwriting.

Then let the disassembling begin. For this one, I simply cut the tag off the front of the old card. Then I used two patterned papers and black card to make this center panel layout. The inside is white for a personal message, and there is plenty of space on the front for a Merry Christmas phrase.

This was a sweet vintage card that had seen better days. All I did was trim the window pane to fit the height of the card, then cut the two corners to fit the new space. I think it turned out beautifully, and I still have the inside message from the original card that I can add to the new one.

This is one of my favorite techniques for upcycling large-picture cards. Using a circle cutter or some type of circle template, cut a circle that includes your favorite part of the scene. Then you'll be able to use the rest of the old picture for tags or gift cards. You can also punch out small images to use as embellishments on the new card, making sure none of it gets wasted.


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