Tealight Candle Cards

When is a card not just a card?

 When it's made of vellum with a small battery-operated tealight candle behind it. The soft glow makes this a card and a lovely little gift all in one.

Start with a plain card stock card. Mine is 4.5x6.25 inches.

Cut out your desired shape for the opening that the vellum will show through. I chose a sunrise look, so here is my circle.

 I cut the circle in half and traced it onto the card itself, then cut it out.

A piece of plain vellum is the same size as the inside of the card.

And it was taped down on the inside.

It doesn't look like much right this minute ...

... even with the light glowing.

So I added a cloud-themed, glittered decorator paper to the front.

 And a sweet sentiment over the vellum. There's the completed card, and it's all ready for gifting. You can tie the electric tealight to the front of the envelope, or you can put both pieces in a gift bag.


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