Putting Together A Tag Bag Gift Set

I'm working hard right now, getting ready for two craft shows in August and September. That seems like a long time from now, but it's really going by quite quickly. 

While putting together new projects for these shows, I've also been cleaning out old supplies, which is why I was able to make these themed tag bags. Each set will eventually have a topper on the bag to that will include my shop information and what is in each bag.

I use two tag templates to make cutting my tags easier. The large one is from a stamp I have and the other is just a small blank tag from the craft store. I also use 2.5 inch square card stock and 2.5 inch folded card stock to make the small flat gift tags.

Then comes the fun part - I pull out a bunch of old paper and start cutting! This is a great way to use up those scraps you've accumulated and turn them into something useful.

 In less than an hour I had 20 small tags, 10 large tags, 10 gift cards and 10 mini tags. Now I can package them up and start on the next set!


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