$4 DIY Burlap And Twine Picture Frame

I wanted to make something special for Danny's parents since they're coming to visit in less than a week, and I thought a decorated picture of the four of us would be perfect. 

With just four items from the dollar store, I was able to put together this lovely gift: a frame, a small roll of burlap, a spool of twine and a bunch of flowers.

I started by taking the frame and wrapping it in the burlap. A line of hot glue keeps the end in place.

 Then I wrapped it all the way around the straight edges, leaving the corners exposed., trimming and gluing as necessary.

On the second time around, I focused on the corners and added a little hot glue to keep them in place. 

This is what it looked like after that step.

 Once around with the twine.

Then I attached the picture to the cardboard stand of the frame with double stick tape. I used a thin line of glue around the very edge of the cardboard and adhered it to the back of the burlap-wrapped frame.

A little more hot glue for the two flowers and it was all done! In a matter of minutes, with just a few dollars spent, I had a beautiful gift that I hope they love as much as I do!


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