Birds Of The Carrell Wildlife Preserve

 If there was any doubt in your mind as to what time of year it is, you'd just have to walk the property this week to see all the animals were have right now. The birds, especially, are everywhere in May.

We have at least two groups of turkeys, each with different walking patterns around the property. One group only has three members, and they walk across the driveway in the early evening. The other is twice as big and walk around the little pond early in the morning.

I put up our hummingbird feeders this week, and they were put to good use within an hour. This window in the dining room has a screen on it, so the birds aren't able to see in. This makes it much more fun to watch them and take their picture.

And they're not the only ones enjoying the nectar. There is a pair of orioles that drink from them just as much as the hummingbirds do. I try to chase them away because they're big bullies.

And I'm in Proud Aunt mode again, as the mama sparrow in the nest above our security light has a brand new set of quintuplets. They're still so little, and mama is very protective of them. Right now she won't even move off the nest when the girls and I come outside. Molly seems to know they're there, as she'll sit under the nest and listen to the chirps.


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