Handmade Cards With Pockets

Don't just send a card - send a card with a gift! This adorable pocket card can be modified however you like: to hold a bookmark like this one, to give a gift card or even a small book. All you have to do is change the size and shape because the technique is the same.

Start by covering your card with a pretty pattern. This is what will show when the pocket is folded down, so make sure it coordinates with everything else.

Then cut another pattern of the same size, but don't adhere it yet. That comes later.

Place the top layer over the card and fold down one corner. By laying it on top, you can see exactly how much of the underneath pattern will show through.

Tack down that corner by whatever means you'd like. I put a piece of double stick tape underneath to reinforce the three metal brads.

Now here is the most important part of the whole process - adhere just the edge of the top layer but NOT the folded edge. (Yes, this is the voice of experience talking. You don't want to waste any paper.)

Then, when you stick it down, that top layer will make the folded edge a pocket so you can tuck your bookmark or gift card inside. Then embellish it to your heart's content.


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