Perfect Pet Photos

If you're often getting the "Please don't take another picture" face from your four-legged friends, it's probably time for a refresher course on getting the best pet photos you can.

 Tight, up-close shots are a great way to capture all the detail of that precious face. It also adds shadows and depth that you won't get from any other angle.

Get down on their level. No matter how tall you are, you don't want to shoot down at them or you'll just have a bunch of pictures of the tops of their heads.

Unless you have them look up at you as you take the photo. Holding a treat in your hand doesn't hurt, as this may be the tried-and-true method of getting those adorable ears to stand up.

And always get some pictures of your pets in natural lighting. A beautiful sunny day will put a smile on their face and brighten up your photos without silly light bulbs.

Staging pictures isn't always necessary. Some of the most vivid memories you'll have are of the little things - chewing sticks, digging in the dirt or swimming in the pond. Capture them now so you don't miss a thing.


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