Sunday Sketch

Today's sketch will give you the opportunity to layer panels of beautiful decorator paper. Add in a heartfelt sentiment and anyone would be blessed to receive this card in the mail.

Choose a solid or soft patterned paper for your background, as you'll be stacking several patterns on top of it. You can use two layers if you'd like, too, as long as they're subtle patterns.

Then, like the panels on a door, you'll make four rectangles of coordinating patterned paper. Make them all the same or use two patterns and stagger them for some added depth.

The sentiment is squarely centered inside another, more vibrant pattern. Use single layers or mat each one on a coordinating solid color. Choose one that really pops the pattern and you'll love the way it looks.

For my card, I started with a light, fabric-weave patterned paper. I had already chosen my other patterns, so it made sense to use something incredibly light and subtle.

Then I cut four rectangles, two of each pattern, and matted them all on the same shade of brown. The papers all came from the same collection, so they're pre-coordinated. I like not having to think...

The large leaf-themed pattern is the perfect background for my small verse of Scripture, matted on more coordinating paper. I love the way the verse stands out, white on dark, so it's the real focal point.

For more great layouts, come visit my Etsy shop. In addition to some inspiration, you'll also find a wide selection of cards, journals and other paper crafts. You'll walk away with new ideas, and maybe a gift or two.


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