Out With The Old, In With The New

As we usher in the new year today, let's not make resolutions. These short-lived promises were made to be broken - as many people will see in just a few days. (Or hours as the case may be.)

Instead, let's look to God's Word to show us what old things to get rid of and what new things to bring into our lives.

OUT with the drama of the world.
IN with the peace of God.

OUT with thoughtless words.
IN with the law of kindness on our tongues.

OUT with selfish thoughts and actions.
IN with thoughtfulness and compassion.

OUT with neglect.
IN with letting others know how much they mean to us.

OUT with bitterness.
IN with forgiveness.

OUT with jealousy.
IN with rejoicing when someone else rejoices.

OUT with negative reactions.
IN with lifting others up.

OUT with anger.
IN with serenity and calm.

OUT with expectations.
IN with living in the blessings of the moment.

OUT with resignation.
IN with looking for God's miracles in our everyday lives.

OUT with apathy.
IN with doing everything you can whenever you can.

OUT with climbing ladders and earning more.
IN with staying satisfied.

OUT with laziness.
IN with diligence and purpose.

OUT with anything that tempts us away from the Lord.
IN with resting in the perfect will of God.


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