An Upcycled Rolodex Into A Scripture Inspiration Album

One of my decisions for the new year was to surround myself with as much Scripture as possible. This altered album is one more way to keep God's Word before me.

With just three things - an old Rolodex, scrap paper and verses - anyone can create these pages.

I found my Rolodex at the local thrift store for $1, and it really needed a good cleaning. All I had to do was take the pages off, soak it in my soapy dish water and let it dry. Pretty simple way to start.

Since I didn't want to have to re-cut the holes holding the pages in, I only covered the top portion of each page with decorator paper. This saves tons of time, paper and energy.

Each of the pages is now covered front and back, and the tabbed pages are covered in coordinating card stock.

Then I went through my collection of stickers and found tons of verses that I will probably never use on a card because of their shape, size or color. These instantly became the perfect embellishments for these pages.

Now I can have the Scriptures on my desk where I can see them while I work each day.

Do you have something you could turn into a Scripture display?


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