A Weekend Of Running To Jesus

It's easy to see wildlife tracks in the fresh snow. They stand out, even at a distance, and it's clear to see what animal it was, where they came from, where they went and how fast they were going.

The closer the hoof prints and paw prints are, the slower the animal was walking; the further apart, the faster.

It's easy to tell when the animal was running.

But when he saw Jesus afar off, he ran and worshipped him. Mark 5:6

The maniac of Gadarenes immediately approached Jesus when He left the ship. This man had been filled with an unclean spirit, and he now dwelt in the tombs. The devil was so strong within him that no fetters or chains could hold him. He was wild, pacing and crying and cutting himself.

And then he saw Jesus. One glimpse of Christ and he ran. He didn't walk or stroll or get around to it eventually - he ran! The result was miraculous. Jesus ordered the spirit out of the man and claimed the victory over the devil once again. Before the man knew it, he was cleansed, clothed and in his right mind. Why would he have wanted to postpone this blessing when he could run and worship?

Make this a weekend of running to Christ. Whatever your burden, concern, fear or request, don't wait. Don't wander His way or take the scenic route. Run. Run to Jesus. Run so you can fall down at His feet and worship. Run so you can leave everything before Him. Don't walk. Run.


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