Be A Warrior, Not A Worrier

Our natural inclination as human beings is to worry.

Is the weather going to be terrible today?
Will we be safe on the road?
Is this illness terminal?
Did she really mean what she said?
Will we get through this?
Should I have done something differently?
What if ...?
How ...?
Why ...?

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, but for most of us this will never be a problem. Our thoughts crash into each other as we try to think through all the possibilities, prepare ourselves for the worst and figure everything out. By the time we go to bed at night we've probably thought more thoughts and worried over more worries today than we id yesterday. If that's possible.

Sounds exhausting, doesn't it?

And what makes it worse is that we know God never wants us to live like this.

Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. Philippians 4:6

Change two letters and you'll make all the difference in the world.

Go from a worrier to a warrior!

Paul might as well have been speaking to you and me when he wrote this letter to the Philippians all those centuries ago. He warned them that being careful - being worried and anxious - would get them nowhere. They were wasting their energy trying to figure things out for themselves when God had a bigger, better plan for them.

Instead, Paul explained, swap out the "o" for an "a" and the "e" for an "o" to change that word. Two little vowels and the meaning is dramatically changed.

From a worrier to warrior!

And he told them exactly how to replace the negative, worried spirit for one of peace and calm: prayer, supplication and thanksgiving.

Does that sound too easy? So what? Stop worrying about it and determine to make a change.

The next time you start to worry - about your circumstances, your family, your future - stop everything you're doing and start praying. Praise the Lord for His goodness, confess your tendency to worry, thank Him for the many blessings in your life and trust Him to do what's the absolute best for you.

A prayer warrior can have an immediate, positive effect while a worrier just lets things snowball.

At the end of the day, which would you rather be?

And are you willing to lay aside your worry to be what God created you to be? If you'll let Him, He will turn you into a powerful warrior for His honor and glory.


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