Our Friendly Deer Population

 Molly has a very distinct growl that she uses when she sees something outside. It's different than her "chasing shadows" bark and her "I think I might have heard something. Just thought I'd let you know" growl. When I hear it, I drop what I'm doing and head to the window.

This week it was for a pair of deer. I always wonder if she thinks they look like her. Maybe they're long-lost cousins.

Then I realized it wasn't two deer, it was three. They were slowly working their way down the ridge looking for a morning snack.

While I watched and took pictures, another one came charging down the hill to join them, making four deer. And you'll notice, as I quickly did, that there's another set of hooves in this photo.

There were actually five.

They're all decked out in their winter outfits, which are so cute and shaggy at this time of year.

As you study this picture, though, start counting legs. Somewhere along they way they picked up deer #6. I had no idea that we had this many all moving together on the property, so it was quite fun to watch them interact. This is why I listen when Molly tells me things.


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