Mini Art Easels

Designed to hold the tiniest works of art, you'll enjoy grabbing your hot glue gun and putting together this adorable miniature easel. I'm planning to use them in the spring at our next craft show. They're going to make great displays for magnets and business cards.

Even better, you probably have everything you need to make them in your junk drawer or laundry basket. Wooden clothes pins and popsicle sticks have found new purpose in life!

Begin by separating two clothes pins from their metal spring. (If you're using them for a special occasion, you can always paint the or decorate them at this stage of the game.) Then glue the very tippy-tops of three halves together.

Cut the sticks in half and sand them down for a nice finish. (It's nice if your husband takes care of this step, too.) Run a thin line of hot clue down the back edge of one half and attach the other, creating a little platform for your art.

To put the two pieces together, put two drops of glue two-thirds of the way down both clothes pins and secure the little shelf firmly.


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