Stocking Gift Bags

If you've got some special gifts to give this Christmas season, you'll want to package them in a one-of-a-kind way, too! 

This adorable stocking gift box is the perfect way to do just that, and once you know how to do it you can change the shape to anything you'd like!

Start by using a template to cut out two of your stocking (or other) shape. Make sure they fit back-to-back, as one will be the front and the other the back.

Using coordinating decorator paper, cut out toes and heels. The easiest way is to cut a small piece of paper just larger than the desired shape, adhere it to the card stock and trim around the edge.

Make a white top to the stocking by using the same template and connecting the two sides with a freehand line. Cut it out, adhere it and trim around the edges.

The box part is just as simple - don't worry about measuring, just use the stocking edges as your guidelines. Cut a piece of the same color card stock that will fit from top to bottom inside the stocking shape. In this case, it will fit between the top of the stocking and the heel, so none of it will stick out.

Score lines and fold so there are two long panels and three short ones. This will create an extra lip so you can adhere it, making it look like a small matchbox.

 Cut a small piece that will fit inside one end of the box, making a bottom. Adhere it in.

Then attach the box to the back stocking, making sure it doesn't stick out over any of the edges.

Tie a piece of curling ribbon around the front stocking and adhere the front to the box.

This is your finished product. FYI: this also works really well with Christmas tree and snowman shapes! So pull out those old stencils and see what you can find. (You can also use cookie cutters as improvised stencils if you need more choices.)


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