Antique Music Christmas Tags

Christmas is a wonderful opportunity for crafters to use up many of their scraps and supplies. Think about tags, ornaments, gift bags and stocking stuffers - something made from those little pieces you've stashed away can be the best, brightest gift for those you love.

These gift tags are a perfect example. I used one of my favorite, though long-ago-retired stamps to make the tag itself from a piece of decorator paper. If you don't have something like this, you can always use an already-made tag as a template or cut one out by hand.

Once stamped and cut out, it looks like a piece of vintage sheet music. 

A few swipes of black ink on the edges give it even more of a distressed look.

Then mount it on coordinating decorator paper and ink those edges as well.

Then decorate it with some great embellishments! You can either use them yourself as gift tags or ornaments, or you can give a set of them as a gift for someone special.


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