A Handmade 2016 Clothespin Card

Share in the celebration of the New Year by making some adorable cards. They're not designed for mailing, unless you put them in a padded envelope, but they're perfect for hand-delivering.

If you raid your stash of embellishments and other fun stuff, you're sure to find something you'd forgotten you had, like these miniature clothespins. Enjoy the search!

To make this card, you'll also need three colors of card stock, number stickers and fibers. Adhere the numbers to one color of card stock, then punch then out with a circle punch.

After covering your card with the second color of card stock, cut the third color slightly smaller to make a mat. Before tacking that layer down, string your circles across the line with the clothespins, then adhere the string on the back. This will hide the ends of the fiber and create clean lines. Then you can adhere the top layer to the card.


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