Christmas Cookie Trees

I was on an acorn-themed spree this fall, and apparently I'm having a Christmas tree-themed week during Christmas. This one, unlike the lighted ones yesterday, is completely and deliciously edible.

Start by mixing up your favorite cookie dough. Then make three cookies with 1/4 cup of dough each. These will be the largest and the base of your tree. Then make them gradually smaller, in sets of three, until you have itty bitty yummy cookies. The largest ones will need about 7 minutes to bake, while the smaller ones should only take 5 minutes. The edges will be slightly brown and you can flatten them a little to make them easier to stack.

Because I was taking these to share at the church, I frosted each layer and added a little drizzle to the edges, then shook on some holly berry sprinkles. For travel safety, I made five small stacks and put them together at the church. They ended up in two trees because one big tree was a little top-heavy. I only had one cookie to bring home because I saved it back, and everyone (especially the adults, believe it or not) had so much fun pulling it apart to eat.


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