And That's What Christmas Is Really All About

In just a matter of days the world has switched gears from the traditions of Thanksgiving to the rush of Christmas.

Why is that?

Aren't the days before Christmas supposed to point us to the birth of Christ?

Isn't this the season of anticipation and hope about what is to come?

Then why are there ads full of shouted words urging us to buy and shop and save? And why is social media suggesting more  things to do and make and have than ever before?

It's time to slow down for the next 24 days and celebrate the Christ in Christmas. He is the reason for the season, after all.

When you visit here during the next 3 1/2 weeks, you'll be reading stories, learning new crafts and picking up some great holiday recipes. My intention is not to bombard you with more of what everybody else is - it's to give you some fun ideas to share with your family and friends. Just because there is something new here every day doesn't mean you have the do each and every one of them just to fill the time.

Pick and choose the ones you love the most, share a family time of crafting or cooking and read a devotion together.

This Christmas we'll be focusing on experiences, not on stuff.

Doesn't that sound wonderful?


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