Rustic Paint Stir Stick Stars

Why spend a fortune on holiday decor when you can make something special and unique? Turn a project like these paint stir sticks stars into a family activity and they'll "stir up" memories each year when you bring them out. See what I did there ... stir? Sorry.

To make these rustic stars, you'll need five paint stirrers (which you can usually find at the home store), hot glue and twine. If you'd like to add a Christmas phrase or Bible verse, print one of those out, too.

 Start by hot gluing the sticks together. Because of the way they're stacked, some parts of the sticks overlap but they don't touch. Don't worry about that - if you try to glue them down, they'll just pull up while they're drying. Instead, concentrate on the places that overlap naturally.

Allow them to cool and dry for a few minutes.

After putting a small dot of hot glue on the back of the sticks (the side with the writing), wrap the twine around each corner several times and tie a knot.

Now repeat that four times to complete your star.

If you'd like to add a verse or phrase, print it out or stamp it on card stock. Then punch a hole in the corner and use a small piece of the twine to tie it so it hangs naturally.


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