Hosting A Christmas Cookie Exchange

 What better way to save some time and energy during the holiday season - and have some great fellowship - than to host a Christmas cookie exchange? We had one at our church this weekend, and we had so much fun!

Everybody brought 2 dozen homemade cookies. (Well, for the most part. Some people brought more. We decided that wasn't a problem at all.) As each plate came in, we numbered it, wrote down what it was and who brought it on a secret sheet of paper. The white tags you see are just card stock folded into a tent - number and kind of cookie only, no names.

To begin the afternoon, we passed out ballots to vote in four categories: most festive, most original, most creative and best overall cookie. This was the most difficult part for people, as they couldn't touch and they couldn't eat as they made their choices. Then we had three Christmas-themed games, and the winners were allowed to go through the line and pick out their 2 dozen cookies to take home first. That was definitely incentive for some.

In between games and while winners were picking out their cookies, we had a hot cocoa bar set up. We heated cocoa in the crock pot and had marshmallows, chocolate chips, peppermint, whipped cream, syrups and hot cocoa melters to add in. There was also coffee and milk available - it's hard to drink something hot when it's 50 degrees outside, though.


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