A New Year's Eve Time Capsule Gift

Here is a fun gift you can make today - but you can't give it for a whole year!  

Perfectly design for anyone special - spouse, kids, parents, friends - you'll fill a container with special memories and gifts, then tuck it away until next New Year's Eve. They'll have the joy of reminiscing with you as they look through items that meant something to you both 365 days ago.

Don't know what to put in it?
* A hand-written note
* wrapped candy (in a sealed container they should be ok)
* heart-shaped items for the one you love
* small toys
* pictures from this year's special moments
* predictions of what the year would hold
* a coin from the year you were married
* anything that will bring back memories of the two of you together

Then wrap it up and put a note on it telling when it can be opened. Then tuck it away and - this is the most important part - make a note on your 2016 calendar, on one of the December pages, to remind yourself of where it is. Fifty-two weeks is a long time to remember anything, let alone where this small gift is.


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