Salt And Light Shelf

Some of my favorite verses from the Sermon on the Mount are about salt and light. They speak of the testimony were are supposed to have when we go out into the world each day.

After studying this passage for several days, I wanted to have something by our front door that would remind everyone who comes and goes about seasoning the world around them and letting their light shine before men.

When we were given several wood pieces recently, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. This shelf now sits just to the left of the front door, the perfect place to be a reminder of Jesus' command to His followers.

To start, I typed the words into my computer's word processing program and sized them to fit between the pegs. Then I flipped the image ... 

... and printed it on wax paper. Click here for more detailed directions.

My favorite projects are the ones Danny and I do together, and I needed him for several parts of this one. Once they were transferred to the wood, Danny used a wood burning pen to trace over the ink letters, making it permanent in the shelf.

Then he cut a small square of wood just smaller than the width of the shelf. He drilled a hole in the top the exact size of the light bulb, then screwed it in.

From there, all I had to do was hot glue the salt shaker and light bulb stand to the top of the shelf.


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