Pallet Wood Trays

In an effort to whittle down our enormous pile of pallet wood in the big garage, I asked Danny if he would help me put together a couple of trays. I wanted one for upstairs and one for downstairs, and I wanted something very rustic looking.

I'm so pleased with how our creations turned out!

This project required a few more tools than I know how to use, and Danny was excited to try something different. He measured out three pieces of pallet wood so the cross pieces would cover the nails. 

We were able to use the end pieces that were cut off to make the cross pieces, which utilized almost the entire slat of wood.

Doesn't it look pretty already?

Then we flipped it over to countersink the screws and attach the cross pieces.

This allowed us to use as few screws as possible while still keeping it solid. Then he drilled holes for the handles we would put on when the painting was done.

The Danny used the electric sander to even everything up. Then we did it a second time!

Then my favorite part - painting! I lightly sprayed the first one to give it a white-washed look ...

And the second one in a dark brown. This on is my favorite.

After letting them dry overnight, I put the handles back on.

Not only was this a great project to share with our guests when they come visit, I love anything that Danny and I make together. Wait until he sees the rest of my honey-do list!


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