The Drama Of Puppy Baths

 Puppy baths are a dramatic time in our home. Three puppies with three different personalities make it both fun and tiring, but the finished product is definitely worth it.

Bailey, our oldest dog, has to be extensively groomed before she can be bathed. She's part black lab and part chow, so she has a very thick under coat. While being groomed, Molly comes to offer support - until she falls asleep.

I can usually get at least a bag full of hair out of her before it's all said and done. She loves this part and will gladly turn and flip and do whatever I ask, just so I'll keep brushing her. I'm sure it feels nice to carry about a pound less hair all over.

Bailey is also the only one who will get into the tub by herself. If you let her know that it's time, she'll walk right in and wait for you.

Happiest. Dog. Ever.

This time, Molly had to be right next to the tub the entire time. She wanted to be in the middle of the action for some reason.

Sadie just turned 13 in April, and she's definitely feeling her age. I have to lift her and put her in the bathtub, which is difficult when she weighs so much. Please note the pitiful look on her face.

Also note that the face gets more pitiful when she's wet.

And she hates to be dried. I do the best I can with a couple of towels and then let her go. At least her ears and tail go back up!

Molly is my challenge. She doesn't like that it's so slippery, so next time I'm going to put a wet towel in the bottom of the tub so she's not slip sliding away.

Danny was able to get her in and cleaned up, but it still wasn't her favorite time of day. But all three are squeaky clean and ready for a new day. At least until it rains again and they get muddy again.


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