A Weekend Of Joy In The Field

It's Church League softball time again! We're in our third week of competition, and it's already time to buy stock in pain killers. We have some younger members on our team this year, but the older players are still out there working hard.

They're having so much fun, though. Win or lose, our softball team knows how to have a good time and keep the right attitude. That's why they keep coming back season after season ... after season ... after season.

Let the field be joyful, and all that is therein: then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice. Psalm 96:12

Most of the time, except at the end of a three-game night, our softball players will tell you that there was joy in the field - the ball field. They're doing something they love and having a wonderful time of fellowship with the church family.

Make this a weekend of finding joy in the field. You may not be on the softball field, but you still have places you live, work and socialize that are your field. In each of them, you can have the joy of the Lord pouring out. This joy, this true joy, will be contagious among those around you.

So go out in your field and find joy this weekend. Then share it with everyone you know.


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