Button, Button - Who's Got The Button?

 Do you remember playing the game Button, Button - Who's Got The Button? Everyone sits in a circle with one button. You pass the button around the circle while the person in the middle tries to guess who has it. Only one person does, but everyone else pretends they do.

I was reminded of this game recently when I found a huge bag of buttons in the closet while I was looking for something completely different. They are beautiful buttons and an eclectic collection to be sure. So here are some ways that I'm using them in my paper crafting projects.

To fill shapes. This one is a stamped heart that I'll be using on a wedding card.

I'm about to pull out my fall papers, so I used this dark button as the center of a paper flower.

Alternating buttons in shades of blue accent a patterned paper.

This Thanksgiving card uses shaped buttons as corner embellishments.

And the border on this Christmas card features tree-shaped buttons and bright green round buttons, alternating with red gems.

What are your favorite ways to use buttons in your paper crafts?


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