5 Days Until Christmas

This Christmas season, we need prayer more than ever. Illness, depression, conflict, death and other personal concerns are threatening to steal our joy. In less than a week we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, but prayer is necessary at this very moment. Will you pray with me?

Pray for:
* the peace of Jerusalem
* peace for our soldiers around the world
* peace in the hearts of Christian women everywhere
* peace that begins in our homes and spreads
* peace among our loved ones

Pray for:
* a renewed sense of joy in our churches
* personal joy that will stir the soul
* joy that will change the attitudes of tired, cranky people
* God's joy in overflowing abundance

Pray for:
* a burden for lost souls
* a burden for the young people in our lives
* a burden for the sick, elderly and shut-ins
* a burden to bring new people to the house of God

Pray for:
* those in authority over you
* those in submission to you
* those you see every day
* those you rarely get to see
* those you love
* those you would like to get to know

Pray for:
* a church in one accord
* a family in one accord
* a workplace in one accord
* a community in one accord

Prayer works, and it can work miracles at the exact moment you need them. Strengthen your prayer life during this Advent season and watch the multitude of ways God will bless every aspect of your life.


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