3 Days Until Christmas

Guess how many people you will interact with between now and the end of Christmas Day. 10? 25? 50? 100? More? Each and every person you speak to, pass by, help and serve is a soul loved by the Lord. It may not be so apparent when we're all hurried, frazzled and snippy, but our words and actions all have a tremendous impact on how others perceive the birth of our Savior.

Even strangers can tell if you are a Christian - without you ever saying a word. The week is passing by with great speed, but will you take the time to smile at the checkout lady? Will you ask her how she is today? Will leave her with a "Merry Christmas" or are you so caught up in your to-do list that you don't even give her a passing thought? You may be the only Gospel she receives today, and wouldn't that be a wonderful Christmas gift?

The police in our area have reminded us that there will be many travelers passing through town over the next few days. They don't know the roads the way we do, where the exits are and how fast you can (or should) go in each stretch of highway. What a gift of safety we can give by slowing down, driving with extra caution and concern, showing common courtesy to those around us and obeying basic traffic laws. It may seem like a little thing, but preventing accidents, injuries and death is a beautiful gift.

Will your house be filled with people this week? If we remember that we're all sinners saved by grace, then squabbles and personal issues can be set aside. If there are lost people in your home, don't force the Gospel down their throats, but show them with your kind words and loving actions that God rules your heart. The reason we're gathered together in the first place is to celebrate the birthday of the King, and all the love, blessings and praise that come with that are so eternally precious. These make lovely gifts to share with our loved ones on Christmas.

And what about after Christmas Day is over? Will everything go back to normal or are you determined to keep the gracious love of Jesus Christ in your heart? Can you invite those friends and family staying with you to church on Sunday morning? Are there opportunities to hand out tracts and witness? The gift of salvation and sharing the love of God is the most precious gift of all, and it doesn't even have to be wrapped. It's just that special way to interact with people every day and let Jesus be reflected through you.


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