24 Days Until Christmas

It is suddenly the first day of December - where has the year gone? Moment after moment has passed into the past, and I pray that you have used many of them to grow in the Lord.

Perhaps you've read your Bible through in a year. Or maybe you've done a personal study over a single book or a few chapters. Regardless, God's Word is the foundation of growth.

There is nothing in this life more important than studying God's Word - diving in, immersing yourself, drinking it in - and learning for yourself exactly what the Lord has designed you to be.

Between now and Christmas, over the next 24 days, read the story of our Savior's birth every day. Look through Luke Chapter 2. Marvel over Matthew Chapters 1 and 2. Join John in worshiping the Word in Chapter 1. Even Isaiah and the other books of the Old Testament speak to the coming of our Lord.

Find those special passages, read a different one each day and treasure the excitement of the impending arrival. God loved this world so much that He chose to send His Son, in all the humility of human flesh, to save us from sin. The joy that surrounds the birth of that baby over 2000 years ago should be just as fresh today in the heart of each Christian woman everywhere.

So reread the words. Savor them and commit them to memory. Build the excitement over that precious night of our Savior's birth by hearing the story told in God's own Word.


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