15 Days Until Christmas

What a joy yesterday was! I spent most of the day at the craft bazaar of a local Christian school. My table was full of Christmas cards, other greeting cards and all sorts of paper and wood crafts – all covered in Scripture and bathed in prayer. These creations are my heart, and it's such a pleasure to share them with students and their parents.

Each class had the opportunity to come through and shop the little Santa's Workshop area, and the little ones were the cutest. They practiced reading our “Stuff From Trees” sign, and many checked to make sure everything we had came from trees somehow. I got stumped, though, when one boy asked if the marker I used to write my price tags cam from a tree...what quick minds they have!

The best part of my job is being able to share my faith with everyone who stops to browse. All of our pieces have Scripture on them or in them, and have images that share God's love and grace. This is our ministry to our community through these shows and in our online shop.

The children were especially receptive because they enjoy reading the Scripture on each card. It was also a blessing to be able to explain to children why I wear skirts when it's freezing outside. Even a time for making money was an opportunity to witness and share the Gospel to young people.

I was also able to offer some comfort to one child's mother. She came in looking sick and miserable, and I do not exaggerate. After introducing myself and asking if she was alright, I learned that she was going through some serious health problems and no one could explain them. She's not sleeping so that adds to the problems. She began questioning what was going on with life in general.

This opened the door for me to talk about God's plan for our days and our life. She was tired and frustrated, but God already knows the path we're walking down before we ever begin. This lovely woman isn't walking that path alone, regardless of how she feels at this moment. I reminded her that with prayer and trust, we can be content in the moment no matter the circumstances.

That is the joy of Christmas. With the arrival of Jesus Christ on earth, we are able to celebrate the gifts of redemption, salvation and peace. Those gifts can't be wrapped, but they can be given each day throughout the year with the giant red bow of our love on top. That's why we're left here on earth after salvation – so we can pass on what we've been given to a lost and dying world.

In the course of our conversation, the student's mother purchased a copy of my book. It blessed my heart that someone so broken and discouraged would allow me to show her God's Word for her life. All the time we spent at the school this weekend is totally worth that one woman receiving comfort from the Lord through my words. It makes my Christmas that much more merry!


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