2 Days Until Christmas

When the weekend has come and gone, what will you remember about your Christmas celebration?

Will it be the joy of Christ's birth or the headache of Christmas shopping?

Will it be the warmth of family by the fireplace or getting into a cold car every morning?

Will it be the peace of enjoying the still, cold, evening air or the anxiety of having a clean home, prepared meal and purchased presents?

Will it be the hope of the Savior's arrival or the disappointment of those who can't be with you?

Will it be the love of family around the dinner table or rushing to get the meal prepared?

Will it be the fun of Christian fellowship with believers of like faith or dealing with everybody pushing and shoving through the mall?

It's all about perspective, and I pray that with our eyes on Christ our perspective will be clear. I would hate to reach the end of the Christmas season and realize that I had been so focused on the negative that I had neglected all the positives.

The struggles of the world can be put on hold for a few days while we allow the peace and calm of the Savior's birth to penetrate our souls. No gift, party or show can outshine the beauty of the true meaning of Christmas. Let's all keep our eyes open for the joys of the season, the precious loved ones around us and the truth of God's Word.

What will you remember come Monday?


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