16 Days Until Christmas

Over the next four days, I will only be in my house to sleep. It will be the busiest weekend of the Christmas holiday, and I pray I'll make it through with all my wits about me. I've squeezed everything I can into a finite number of hours and that would probably drive me insane any other time of year. The difference today is what I'll be busy with...

* Christian School Bazaar - I have the special opportunity to be part of an area Christian school's craft bazaar for two days. The children have a few dollars to spend, and the vendors provide items that are $5 or less. This way the students can purchase a few small gifts for their parents, siblings and other loved ones on their own. The school just asks that we return part of our profit, which we lovingly and willingly do. What a privilege to be able to supply my cards and gifts, all covered with Scripture, to children.

* The Funeral Home Christmas Gathering - My husband's boss opens his home each year to the employees and friends of our funeral home. It's a time to socialize outside the normal setting and spend an evening together. Not everyone at this party will be a Christian, so I have the joy of sharing the Gospel and my faith...perhaps with words and perhaps without.

* Ladies' Sunday School Class Luncheon - Open to all the ladies of the church, this gathering is one of my favorite of the year! Our gingerbread theme is the cutest ever and we've spent several days planning, decorating and baking for it. It's just a sweet time of fellowship with our sisters in Christ. The time in preparation is all worth it to be warm and cozy together.

* Sunday services - We're always looking forward to the Lord's Day! Sunday School, morning preaching, afternoon Christmas program practice and evening preaching...it's a full, busy, glorious day in God's house.

No matter how busy we are in the upcoming 16 days, the planning, preparation, creating and prayer are leading up to times of celebration. Each gathering is a moment to praise God for the gift of His Son. And we can do that with or without all of the trappings.


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