21 Days Until Christmas

Have you had many fires in the fireplace this winter season? Here in South Carolina it's only been cool enough for a couple of weeks, so we've had logs burning almost every day.

The joys of the fireplace are that warmth and glow that spill out of the flames. There's nothing more cozy than a crackling fire and the soothing heat it creates.

During the Christmas season many companies use fireplaces in their advertising to conjure up images of family time and togetherness. We associate the warmth of the fire with the warmth of our love and devotion.

The apostles had that same comparison in their personal interactions with Jesus Christ. In the very last chapter of Luke, Jesus met with His disciples again, telling them about Scripture and sharing a meal. His presence and attention had a profound impact on their hearts.

And they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures? Luke 24:32

Compare that burning heart to the roaring fire. There are times that the blaze is so hot and so strong that we can't go near it or we'll be burned. We have to shield our eyes from the dancing flames because they are so very bright.

Could someone say that about your heart? Have you allowed Jesus to work Himself so deeply into your heart that it's burning inside you? Would someone have to shield their eyes because Christ is blazing and roaring inside you?

This Advent season we need to remember the feeling of that fire in our hearts. If we slow down, keep the Lord's Word in our focus and seek to grow in His grace, we'll feel those coals begin to kick up flame again. The days leading up to Christmas are the perfect opportunity to be reminded of the precious miracle of Christ's birth. There is no greater joy-stirrer than the birthday of the King to rekindle our burning hearts.


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