14 Days Until Christmas

This past week a woman made an observation that literally made me nauseous. I was showing her the nativity scene that Danny has made for our shop this season and she said:

You know, it's getting harder and harder to find nativities anymore. They're just taking the Christ out of Christmas.

Not at our house, was my quick reply. Others may turn to commercialization and the lure of large purchases, but there are still many families around the world that are centered on the true joy of Christmas - our Savior!

The nativity means joy: the angels brought that joy to the shepherds so they could pass it on to others. That's our joy, too.

The nativity means fulfillment: the wise men knew the Savior was coming and this lovely family scene was the answer to their prayers. It is the answer to our prayers, too.

The nativity means that God's promises are true. Throughout the Old Testament He promised a Savior, Redeemer and Lord would come to earth, and each promise has come to pass. His promises today are just as real and just as powerful.

The nativity means that Jesus' life was real: with no beginning there can be no Gospel. With the picture of His birth we are reminded that this Jesus Christ truly did come to dwell among us and for one reason - for us. That is just as real today as at the moment of His birth.

The nativity means the anticipation of salvation: just 33 years after this picturesque moment, the little baby would be a grown man hanging on the cross for the remission of our sins. The perfectness of Christ's birth is a sharp contrast to the brutality of His death. But the two must go hand in hand to tell the story.

The nativity means the promise of Heaven: if you've read the back of the book, you know that we win! Jesus Christ's birth in the nativity scene is the promise of His entire birth, life, death, resurrection and return. This is the Gospel and this is the promise of eternal life with the Father.

With the nativity, we have everything we need for this life and for eternal life. Christ is the center of Christmas because the celebration of His birth is the celebration of our eternal life with Him. Don't let anyone take the Christ out of your Christmas season.


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