What Our Pets Would Do...

We've had a terribly busy week at our house. There's been so much to do that I would love a couple of extra hours in the day. Obviously the girls do, too. What do you think they'd do with more time every day?

Maybe they would take a nice nap and get charged up for the rest of the day.

Or just find a good, comfy chair to curl up in.

Perhaps they'd like to doze on the living room floor, cuddled up close.

Because being close is the best way to spend your spare time - that and snoozing.

Or catching some Zzz's on their favorite piece of carpet. Being upside down is optional.

So if they really did have more hours in the day, they'd probably spend it zonked out somewhere.

Oh, what a life!


  1. The cat in that last picture is nearly in a perfect circle! Javier the Chihuahua does that sometimes too. He sleeps 20 out of every 24 hours.


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