An Inviting Entryway

That they may teach the young women to be...keepers at home... Titus 2:4-5

In our personal effort is to be keepers at home, think about the first thing that people see when they walk into your house.

Whether you have an actual hallway like we do, or your door opens directly into a room, that entry area leaves a lasting impression on visitors and family members alike.

So what is it that people are going to see in your entryway? Do you have coats and boots piled up or is the area cleared out and clean? Did everyone drop their stuff there when they came home today or does each item have its own place? Have you even thought about that initial visual of your home?

One of the first priorities in your entryway is space. If you just have a little hall or a few feet that open up into another room, you may not have much floor area for furniture. We have Danny's grandfather's hi-fi in ours, and it's all that can fit there. The space is so small that you couldn't put another one in there in any direction, but it's the perfect size to allow room for someone to come inside, walk past and move on through.

This is a conversation piece - pick something for
your entryway that isn't some copy-able piece that anyone could have. Make the entrance to your home special and inviting with the large furniture you choose.

The color of your entryway can speak volumes about your home. Are you a plain white type of person or do you prefer bright bolds? Do you like paint or wallpaper? Thanks to the previous owners of our house, we have the most beautiful, subtle shade of green on our walls. I think it makes the first impression of our home calm and soothing - the perfect combination for a place I'd like to be a refuge.

Once you've chosen color, coordinate everything you can. Not only does it give the tiny space a finished look, but your eye is led around the room to try and see everything, not just drawn to some outstanding color.

The next key is what you choose to display in that first focal point of your home. We don't have anything in our home that doesn't have a story attached to it. We have are family furniture and collectibles that really mean something personally.

The items on display in the entryway should have special ties to your family - the people entering the house want to know exactly who you are, and your choice of decorations tell them that. An antique oil lamp, my favorite candle holder, a photo album of friends, my keepsakes boxes and other pieces that tell a story make me smile when I walk past.

And finally, let all who enter know exactly what you believe. This wooden plaque was the gift I gave Danny on his first spiritual birthday. It's right above the doorway from the entry way to the living room, and it's the first thing I see and thank God for every time I come in the house.

You can be as subtle or as dramatic about that first room of your home, but the important thing is that you make it welcoming and inviting for all visitors. Your family will feel loved and appreciated as well, because their life is made part of the story of what your home is.


  1. My children love to look around the house at photos and decorations that they remember from their childhood. I have a 1930s vintage armless rocking chair that I found at an antique store before Andrew was born. It stands/sits beside my desk, and often someone uses it to rock in while talking to me. The chair, being old, makes a distinctive creaking sound when sat upon ... and Andrew told me recently that "that sound" is a large part of his childhood! He told me that whenever he hears it, he's a little kid again!

  2. And isn't it something that you probably didn't even think about...different things are special to different people? So now that chair becomes something so precious beyond just sitting. That's what I love about pieces with meaning!


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