Coordinating Chipboard Shapes

The easiest way to add dimension and texture to any paper craft is with chipboard letters and shapes. But what if you don't want a stark white piece of chipboard on your project?

How can you coordinate it with the papers and colors you're already using? With some ink, embellishments and a couple of tools, you can make even the most boring alphabet look like it was just meant to be on your page.

S - Using a stipple brush or ink dauber, layer three or four shades of stamping ink onto each letter. Start with the lightest, then get darker as you go further down.

H - Cover the shape with adhesive, the lay it upside down on the back of a piece of patterned paper. Using a craft knife or sharp scissors cut around the edges.

M - Apply ink in a coordinating color to the entire shape. Then place stickers on and trim using craft knife or scissors.

R - Using embossing ink and powder, cover and heat emboss the shape.

T - Ink the letter with a dark ink, and the cover it with liquid glass.

Frame - Cover the frame in shades of coordinating inks. Then apply word and shape stickers that go with your theme.


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